• Metal2Petal Open Space California Hillside
  • Metal2Petal Open Space California Hillside
  • Metal2Petal Open Space Misty Meadow
  • Metal2Petal Open Space Creek in Woods
  • Metal2Petal Open Space Hillsides in Bloom
  • Metal2Petal Open Space Mountains with Mustard in Bloom
  • Metal2Petal Open Space Birds in Flight

Founding Story

The Metal2Petal initiative speaks to the tremendous richness and biological diversity of this region – from estuarine wetlands to a diversity of forest types, from vernal pools to river headwaters. The habitats that we are targeting for conservation contain a wide variety of imperiled species such as River Otters, California TIger Salamander, Peregrine Falcons, Spotted Owls, Brown Pelicans, as well as wide ranging mammals such as Mountain Lion, Elk and Black Bear.

Our Funding

Metal2Petal's primary source of funding is by taking in tax deductible donations of automobiles, boats, real estate and other items that we can either sell or recycle in order to generate funding for open space projects. Yet, our overall success is also dependent upon generous financial support from individuals, along with businesses, foundations and public agencies. Through our highly efficient public-private funding model,  individual, corporate and foundation donations can be matched by dollar-for-dollar grants.

How We Work

Metal2Petal, as its name implies, takes cars as donations, especially older vehicles, and resells them or recycles them. The proceeds from those sales are then put toward purchasing critical open spaces that are in danger of being developed. We strive to see that urban sprawl is replaced with carefully managed conservation. This will allow our grandchildren - and their grandchildren's grandchildren to enjoy the same outdoor activities and quality of life that we have enjoyed.

Our Partners

It takes a whole community to preserve our open spaces. Metal2Petal works closely with our Fiscal Sponsor, MarinLink, whose charter is to identify and fulfill unmet community needs, in order to strengthen our Marin communities via innovation and collaboration. Our mission is to extend this spirit of community engagement to the greater Bay Area and beyond. We continually strive to identify and protect irreplaceable open spaces that are at risk of development.